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The Nexus Foundation, Inc.

The Nexus Foundation, Inc.

The Nexus Foundation, Inc. provides safe, secure housing to women recovering from substance abuse. In the tradition of the “Housing First” approach, which prioritizes housing as a basic need that must be addressed before people can focus on staying sober, we provide transitional and long-term housing and other supportive services to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.
For women in recovery, secure housing is fundamental to reestablishing a viable life. Additionally, supportive services geared towards health and well-being, financial stability, education, and career building, serve to further establish a firm foundation on which to build.

Our Vision

We envision a future where housing is not an obstacle for women in recovery seeking to build healthy lives, care for their families, and contribute to society.

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In the months to come, the Nexus Foundation aims to open additional multi-bed sober residences. North Carolina is our present focus, with the plan to scale and expand to other localities around the US. All residences will address the particular needs of women in recovery. While our current residence is women-only, our vision is to have future homes that will support women with dependent children, providing on-site family activities and residential accommodation for their children.

Our Goal

With our modest start, the Nexus Foundation’s mission is being fulfilled one life at a time. Our success is the gratification of seeing lives changed. Our goal is that residents will return to society resilient and ready to resume their family, career and community lives. Some will start new paths as they move forward with the lifelong recovery process. One older resident has earned a scholarship to train for a new career.