Nexus Impact on Women Suffering from Substance Abuse

Approximately 10 million women in the United States suffer from substance abuse. Alcohol and drug addiction can lead to mental illness, family dissolution, long-term physical detriment and much more. Women who take the first step by undergoing rehabilitation very often need additional support in order to prevent relapses and protect them from discriminatory and predatory institutions. The Nexus Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, provides transitional housing and many other necessary resources to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.  Our mission is to provide housing and supportive services to recovering women whose lives have been negatively impacted by addiction. Our goal is to help these women lead fulfilling and meaningful lives where they, in turn, will positively impact those they encounter in their journey to recovery, happiness, and freedom.

Despite our recent beginnings, The Nexus Foundation has already invested in secure, affordable properties in urban areas of Charlotte, North Carolina, actively working to empower our clients with the tools needed for a strong, fresh start. Once launched, this secure, stable, and safe housing for women of varying ages and socioeconomic backgrounds will offer them the ability to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle after a history of substance abuse. Our vision is to expand transitional housing properties for women and augment this housing with direct service or linkage to resources to help a multitude of women through their rehabilitation journey.

We welcome you in partnering with us by making your tax-deductible contribution which will help create a path to stability for women in recovery in the Charlotte area.

With your donation, you will directly assist women who have tremendous potential and would greatly appreciate a fighting chance. The Nexus Foundation looks forward to beginning a mutually beneficial, fruitful relationship, in which we will work towards the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of recovering women across the country. We invite you to reach out to our Board with any questions or concerns about how you can participate within our organization and stay updated with our future initiatives. Thank you in advance for considering our foundation.

Thank you again for your kind consideration.     


Dwight Anderson, Director

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